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Natalie Bolton, arguably the most impressive "fan" on Survivor's first "Fans vs Favorites" season, also has one impressively hot body. Villians, but if we could get the ol' gang back together, we'd more. I wonder why they all looked so good?!

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I don't consider that a detriment but an asset. You're not shy you're right. I have absolutely had it with loudmouth wannabes who never learned it's about doing, not saying. If you're a good person that your friends know that they can count on, but they don't know that deep inside you're a passionate woman that needs to be held and wants to satisfy and be satisfied, you are the woman I am looking for. I'm married in a situation I do not want to change, but must find what I am missing with someone of substance. I am prepared to move very slowly for the right woman. I wanting sexy chat.

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Ask me anything if you got questions. She is NOT involved with anyone else, be it male or woman and she identifies as a lesbian.

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